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Background Check Products

with multiple solutions to meet different employment needs

Innovation Mode

Conduct valuable and in-depth reports different from others for enterprises by adopting due diligence methods to the pre-employment background investigation

Research mode

Use the due diligence meyhods to conduct independent investigations
Find interviewees with multiple roles independently
Record the objective and real investigation results in interviewees’ exact words

Information System Security

Level III Information System Security Grading Protection Filing Certificate
ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certification
ISO27001 Privacy Information Management System Certification

Business compliance

Have rigorous candidate authorization mechanism
Connect data source directly to the official authorities or officially authorized organizations
Do not back up information of candidates and interviewees
Use intelligent big data to have AI modeling and restore portraits of candidates veritably


Valuable Reports

Deliver reports on time without any delay
Explore multi-dimensional and in-depth risk and value with high-degree reduction
Provide timely feedback and one-to-one services from professional consultants

AEGIS is a leader in industry information security

ISO27001/ISO27001/Level III Information System Security Grading Protection Filing Certificate


Background Check Process

Systematic, compliant and punctual

Cooperation Reaching


Account Opening


Order Placing


Candidate Authorization


Investigation Implementation


Information Verification


Report Quality Control


Report Delivery

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Aegis Consulting Co., Ltd. (“Aegis Guangzhou”), established in Guangzhou in 2019, focuses on providing enterprises with recruitment and employment risk consulting and research services. It is the first service provider to adopt due diligence methods to pre-employment background investigation. With innovative research modes and professional due diligence team, Aegis Guangzhou is committed to enabling more enterprises to enjoy in-depth employment risk research services, so as to effectively help with employers’ decision-making, find risks and win the future.


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AEGIS offers professional investigation services

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